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VIP wants to inform you that we offer TELEMEDICINE via ZOOM where our Doctors come to you on your home computer remotely and you do not have to come into our clinic. This is in support of containing the Corona Virus COVID -19. Dr Kossoff can prescribe home package that can include immune injections that enhance immune function to ward off infection, as well as natural antimalarial oral protocol used for COVID19 Corona Virus, and/or nebulizer with syringes. We mail this to you so you do not have to come to clinic. To set up your Telemedicine appt. call 888-299-4570 or email

We provide immune home injections of peptide therapy and mistletoe therapy that enhance immune function to recognize and kill virus. Thymosin Peptide therapy and Mistletoe therapy both enhance immune cytokine function playing a critical role in immunoregulation where recognize virus and launch immune response to kill virus. We can mail these to you and you do at home.

Our Doctors prescribe both conventional and natural therapies. Of note is IV Vitamin C which is being used in New York City hospitals as well as throughout Chinese hospitals to treat COVID-19 Corona Virus. This is based on IVC Clinical study. Link for more info: New York City hospitals treating corona virus patients with IV Vitamin C. Sars and IV Vitamin C. (Chinese Clinical Study)

We provide immune home injections of immune peptide therapy and mistletoe therapy that enhance immune function to recognize and kill virus. Thymosin Peptide therapy and Mistletoe therapy both enhance immune cytokine function playing a critical role in immunoregulation where can recognize virus and launch immune response to kill virus. We can mail these to you and you do at home so all done remotely. The injections are given in the abdomen much like a insulin shot. Our nurse can give you demo on ZOOM on how to administer. We also mail you instructions. We also offer oral immune package to enhance immune function. The injections are stronger but not everyone can give themselves injections.

French study finds anti-malarial and antibiotic combo may reduce COVID-19 duration

For natural therapies, our doctors are prescribing Oxidation Therapy, Ultraviolet light therapy, and IV Vitamin C as antiviral that enhances immune function and healthy host terrain. Read more below such as a clinical study of IV Vitamin C significant in treatment for Corona Virus SARS.

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Concerned about COVID-19, the Corona Virus?

We can help with Corona Virus concerns. Please see our Corona Virus page for information about the conventional and naturel therapies provide by the licensed medical doctors at Virginia Integrative Practice. Oxidation therapy Ozone, IV UBI UltraViolet light, and IV Vitamin C that can prevent and/or treat viral, bacterial and fungal infections. We have been successful in treating challenging infections including viruses such as the cold or flu and other infections like Epstein Barr Virus, MRSA, Hepatitis, Shingles and Lyme. Prevention entails strengthening your immune system and creating a terrain where it is difficult for a virus or other pathogen to grow.

After reviewing a patient’s medical history, our licensed medical doctors prescribe a combination of Immune and oxidation therapies. Oxidation therapies such as IV Ozone, IV UBI UltraViolet light and IV Vitamin C can prevent and/or treat viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Oral immune nutraceuticals and immune therapy injections can be taken at home or administered in the clinic to strengthen the patient’s immune system. The therapies prescribed depend on the patient’s existing health conditions and the severity of the infection. This can include both IV and non-IV treatments such as nutraceutical supplements, immmune injections in the abdomen, and stethoscope-oxidation treatment in the ears.

The advantage of immune therapies is that they strengthen the immune system to recognize and launch an attack on an infection, and can be effective even for infections which are resistant to available antibiotics or have no conventional treatment. These therapies can also be taken as a preventative to enable the immune system to fight off infections.

Regenerative & Integrative Medicine

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At Virginia Integrative Practice, our approach is to treat you and your family as Very Important Patients by understanding and treating your body’s unique health needs at the cellular, metabolic, immune, and whole body level. Through comprehensive testing and one-on-one consultations, our integrative medicine practice brings you the best of both worlds: cutting-edge conventional medicine and thoroughly tested natural therapies.

We invite you to explore our site and learn more about the compassionate care our doctors provide and the benefits of regenerative and  integrative medicine.

Our Approach

We are committed to treating the whole person.

Our goal is to restore, renew, and rejuvenate your well being.​​ Great care starts with understanding your unique needs and health history. We partner with you.

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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Amy Kossoff and Dr. Ina Grundmann

Our doctors have a wide range of training and expertise, to bring you the best outcome possible. Through comprehensive testing and one-on-one listening we develop individualized treatment plans.

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Flu & Cold Season is Here!

Many patients are getting sick with chills, 100 degree and higher temperatures, malaise, and fatigue. We can help! We give you preventive oral nutraceuticals that aid in cold and flu prevention. Our doctors perform lab testing and develop targeted treatment plans with successful patient outcomes that include immune, oxidative, ultraviolet, and cellular therapies. The flu shot only targets a certain virus and may not target the infection you have. With our infection therapies, Virginia Integrative Practice is able to address these infections and provide the relief you need. Antibiotics, if used properly, can be life saving. However, the flu is a virus and antibiotics can not treat viruses; They are for bacterial infections. Long time antibiotic use can cause the bacteria to mutate and the antibiotic is no longer effective. Our doctors treat infections with immune therapies that turn your immune system on to target the infection. Other therapies enhance the environmental terrain in your body where the pathogen can not thrive or live. Call or email us today for a free 15 minute initial consultation at 888-299-4570 or

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Virginia Integrative Practice: Where every person is a Very Important Patient​​

We stand out in our field by offering a diverse selection of services and procedures to cater to your individualized health needs. All services are performed by qualified and experienced medical professionals in order to provide peace of mind and accuracy of treatment. Our doctors will look at your symptoms in the context of your full medical history and discuss available treatment options with you. We treat most health conditions including including Fatigue, Insomnia & Endocrine Imbalance, Pain from injuries and degenerative aging (Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Brain/Neck/Back Injuries, Headaches), Women’s Health (Menopause, Osteoporosis, UTI, Interstitial Cystitis, PMS, Fertility, Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy), Immunotherapy for Infections, Allergies, Autoimmune, Cancer and more.

Integrative medicine practice serving patients in Central and Northern Virginia.

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Prostate Cancer (Larry)

I was diagnosed with prostate  cancer, I was given options for surgery, chemotheraphy, and radiation. It scared me that the surgery could leave me impotent and incontinent as side effects. Through VIP’s integrative medicince, I have been in remission for over 2 years.

Lyme (Liz)

I was very sick from Lyme Infection. My mom took me to see VIP. Two month’s later, I asked if I needed any more treatment as I was feeling so good. I have been healthy since then. This was 8 years ago.

Ovarian Cancer (Christine)

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, and had a 45% chance of living to 5 years. With immunotherapy, my cancer went into remission after 18 months of treatment of combined chemo and integrative therapies.