Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancer can be targeted through Immune, Oxidation, Metabolic, Cellular RNAi, and Targeted Therapies.

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Alternative Cancer Treatments In Virginia

Regain control of your health with alternative cancer treatments.

Holistic Treatments for Cancer - can be used as stand alone or with chemo/radiation to enhance outcome.

Immune– Mistletoe therapy is currently in clinical trials at Johns Hopkins Medical Systems.  Our doctor knows a doctor who set up a trial for Johns Hopkins as she has worked with him for over a decade. We just attended the International Conference on Mistletoe therapy and Cancer. We are current with the most recent therapies and clinical research.

Most cancer patients are immune-compromised and by Stage 3, they are anergic meaning their immune system is not functioning. We offer Immune therapies such as Mistletoe that activates cytokines which are the brains of the immune system which in turn initiate a cascade response to tumor cells to include natural killer cells, cytotoxic T8 cells, and antigen-presenting dendritic cells.

Oxidation by generating negatively charged oxygen atom, pathogens and cancer do not thrive. Oxygenation and Oxidation methods can help starve out cancer cells.

Metabolic- our diet is known as SAD- Standard American Diet. It is remarkable how many people are at the McDonalds, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts and more drive-ins coupled with ingesting processed foods, sugars, salts, meats pumped with synthetic hormones and foods laced with round up. Not only do we work on your diet, but also address metabolic ways to reprogram your body from the damage done such as enhancing mitochondrial production.

RNAi- RNA interference.  Circulating Tumor Cells are the culprits for metastasis which is the cause of 90% of deaths from cancer. RNAi is interfaced with Circulating Tumor Cells and put back into the body.  They go to CTCs and transcribe the DNA to messenger RNA with code to inactivate the cell. With this, apoptosis ensues a programmed cell death.

Targeting physiological pathways of your specific cancer is another way to work against cancer.


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