Through treatments such as Mistletoe and Oxidation therapy, doctors can use a patient’s own cells and regenerative properties to help fight cancer in the human body. Cancer immunotherapy activates, replaces, engineers, or regenerates the immune system in order to fight cancer. Gaining popularity, it is the most frequently used and marketed form of regenerative medicine. This therapy takes advantage of the intrinsic ability of hematopoietic stem or more mature cells to target and eliminate cancer cells. These cells can be selected, expanded, and administered to patients. Stem cells are often the origin of such treatments, since they can be transplanted to generate graft vs. tumor activity. Cancer immunotherapy has been widely effective in treating blood cancers, and has opened the door to treating solid tumors. This gives hope to many patients with formerly incurable cancer diagnoses.


Immune Therapies

Most cancer patients are immune-compromised and by Stage 3, they are anergic meaning their immune system is not functioning. We offer immune therapies such as Mistletoe that activates cytokines which are the brains of the immune system which in turn initiate a cascade response to tumor cells to include natural killer cells, cytotoxic T8 cells, and antigen-presenting dendritic cells. Mistletoe therapy is currently in clinical trials at Johns Hopkins Medical Systems. Through clinical trials, mistletoe therapy has been shown to kill cancer cells and stimulate the immune system. Studies from Europe have seen benefits for patients with colon, breast, and pancreas cancer, and even those with melanoma. While treatments are still developing in the United States, Mistletoe Therapy is slowly taking the scene internationally as an anticancer agent. Learn more

Cellular Therapies

Circulating tumor cells (CTC) are the culprits for metastasis which is the cause of 90% of deaths from cancer. With RNA interference, RNAi is interfaced with circulating tumor cells and put back into the body. They go to CTCs and transcribe the DNA to messenger RNA with code to inactivate the cell. With this, apoptosis ensues a programmed cell death. Learn more

Oxidation Therapies

In its natural state, the human body is constantly regenerating and renewing itself. Oxygen plays a vital role in this. Cancer cells, however, operate in an opposite way. They die when exposed to oxygen and thrive in low-oxygen environments. Ozone therapy seeks to fight cancerous cells with oxygen. By adding oxygen to the body in the form of ozone, this therapy creates an oxygen environment where the cancer cells have a difficult time surviving.  Ozone therapy helps improve the body’s intake and use of oxygen and activate the immune system. Having been studied for over 150 years, it has been shown to have therapeutic effects, especially in the case of cancer.

Metabolic Therapies

Our diet is known as SAD – Standard American Diet. It is remarkable how many people are at the McDonalds, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts and more drive-ins coupled with ingesting processed foods, sugars, salts, meats pumped with synthetic hormones and foods laced with round up. Not only do we work on your diet, but we also address metabolic ways to reprogram your body from the damage done such as enhancing mitochondrial production.

Additional Support

  • Nutraceuticals & Oral Supplements
  • Homeopathics

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