New patient consultation with a physician is $350 at time of first visit. Follow up appointments are $175.

Patients report getting up to $240 (80%) reimbursement through their health insurance out of network service provider plan. Most patients apply this fee to their health insurance plan deductible. Others submit for reimbursement as you are seeing a licensed medical doctor. You will receive a superbill that you can submit.

We accept credit cards, checks, or cash.

We also take CARE credit or credit cards that specifically pay for health spending accounts or medical care.

Labs are covered per your insurance plan as with any licensed medical doctor. We give you a lab requisition to take to Lab Corp.

Why We Don’t Accept Health Insurance

If we took health insurance, we would have to confine our treatments to their contract which include seeing 25 patients daily with 5-10 minutes per patient. We would only be allowed to prescribe conventional medicine which is not our healthcare model. Our doctors spend an hour with you and comprehensively address all your health care needs with an integrative approach combining the best of conventional medicine with evidence based natural therapies and procedures which include nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormone therapy BHT, iv therapies, armour/nature thyroid, regenerative medicine (stem cell therapy, etc) and more. Our providers establish a dynamic physician-patient relationship that empowers the patient. Patients are pleased with success in hormone balance in adrenals, thyroid, and BHT such as with menopause, hypothyroid, Hashimoto/Autoimmunethyroidits, Diabetes, Women’s Health, GI issues, Infections, Autoimmune, Allergies, Immune Support, Cardiovascular issues, Pain Issues including alternatives to knee and hip replacement, neck & back injuries, spinal injuries, headaches and more.

These are therapies you will not receive in conventional medicine. Our providers have training and expertise in Integrative Medicine.