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As a popular alternative medicine, mistletoe therapy has been proven in European studies and is now being used in the United States as a complementary therapy for cancer.

Mistletoe extract has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory and boost the human immune system, helping the body to fight against infection and disease.

Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer Testimonials

Ivelisse Page

At age 37, Ivelisse Page discovered she had Stage 4 colon cancer that had metastasized to the liver.  A week later, she had 15 inches of her colon removed, along with 28 lymph nodes. The presence of cancer outside the colon wall necessitated further treatment, and she consulted a variety of doctors, read, and did research on her own.

She concluded that conventional chemotherapy would not offer the best success rate, only increasing her chance of survival by 10-13%. She chose a complementary and alternative approach: mistletoe therapy. Five years later, she was cancer free, crediting her cure, in part, to mistletoe therapy.

Page was so pleased with the results of her mistletoe therapy that she started Believe Big, a website resource and organization to help others discover and utilize this alternative complementary treatment for cancer.

Read Ivelisse Page’s story.

Stacy Riggs

WGAL TV News ran a story on March 31, 2014 that interviewed Ivelissa Page and Stacy Riggs about their journey with mistletoe therapy. Riggs, who was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time decided to try the complementary medicine of mistletoe therapy. “I felt I had nothing to lose at age 37,” she said. She was please when her doctor reported that her scan was normal – there was no cancer. She was in complete remission.

Watch Stacy Riggs’s story.

Maru Fava

In the Fall of 2014, Maru Fava was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a radical double mastectomy. During the reconstruction process, she experienced extreme pain. In January 2015, she was diagnosed with a fatal primary liver cancer that came with a very poor prognosis. It was unrelated to her breast cancer.

“I longed for control,” she said. Favu changed her diet, started mistletoe therapy, read about alternative medicine, and prayed. “I prayed a lot,” she added. She had chemotherapy, a liver resection, took supplements and mistletoe therapy. A few months later she was able to complete her breast reconstruction therapy. “I believe that mistletoe therapy was critical in preparing my body for chemotherapy and surgery,” she proclaimed.

Watch Maru Favu’s video testimonial.

John Edrich, MBE

In a testimonial on a U.K. mistletoe therapy site, former English cricketer John Edrich writes, “I was diagnosed with Waldenström’s Leukemia in 1999 and given a maximum of seven years to live. After five years of chemotherapy, which was extremely debilitating, I started mistletoe therapy. I have continued with it for the past six years. I remain in good health and fully enjoy life.”

Read John Edrich’s testimonial.

In story after story, testimonial after testimonial, people who have tried mistletoe therapy have had success. 


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