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Fall Open House in Falls Church

Meet and speak directly with Dr. Kossoff about your health concerns.
Learn more about our practice. 

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On September 24th beginning at 4:00 PM, Dr. Kossoff will be able to discuss your health needs. Dr. Kossoff has been practicing medicine for 30 years creating a dynamic physician-patient relationship for optimal patient wellness and outcome. She is board certified in internal medicine, assistant profressor at the George Washington School of Medicine and at Sibley Hospital – Johns Hopkins Medicine. She completed University of Arizona Integrative Medicine fellowship with Andrew Weil Md, PhD and Helm Institute Medical Acupunture. She treats most conditions from fatigue with thyroid and menopause issues to the common cold.


Tuesday, September 24, 2019
4 – 7 PM

2773-B Hartland Rd
Falls Church, VA 22901

Hosted by Virginia Integrative Practice in Falls Church.

Invitation to join Conference Call

This call is an opportunity to learn about the benefits of integrative medicine for treating many health conditions.

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The conference call will include a short introduction to Integrative Medicine with time for questions and answers. Topics covered during the call:

* What is Integrative Medicine?
* How Integrative Medicine Treats Health Conditions like Cancer, Injuries, Women’s Health, Diabetes, Gastro-Intestinal Issues, Infections (MRSA, Lyme, and Viruses)
* The Benefits of Alternative Therapies such as Stem Cells, UltraViolet Light, Ozone Therapy, BioIdentical Hormone Replacement, and Mistletoe Therapy
* Q&A – We will set aside time after the introduction for questions.

Note: This call will be recorded. If you don’t want to be recorded, send your question to

The call will last up to 40 minutes.


Monday, September 23, 2019
7 – 7:40 PM

Hosted by Virginia Integrative Practice

Miracles of Regenerative Therapy, by Dr. John Young

Come hear Dr. John Young, MD give a speech on the miracles of stem cell therapy at Virginia Integrative Practice’s Charlottesville office! Reserve  your seats today!

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On October 25th at 1:00 PM and again at 5:00 PM, Dr. Young will give a fascinating talk on the Miracles of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy. He has had many years of experience doing hundreds of stem cell treatments.

Stem cells are commonly used:
~in place of hip surgery
~to treat injuries and aging
~to treat neurological disorders
~to treat diabetes and vascular disorders
~to treat autoimmune disorders

Stem cells can:
~generate cartilage for arthritic knees and hips, as well as treat:
~joint, neck, and back pain
~meniscus tears / ACL tears
~herniated and bulging discs
~Parkinson’s disease
~vascular disorders
~autoimmune disorders
~ulcerative colitis
~chronic fatigue syndrome
~Lyme disease
~and more!

Dr. Young is a world-renowned expert on stem cell therapy, and is an international speaker on the topic. Hear what he has to say about how they cured him!

“I injured my right knee playing tennis. It was swollen, it would catch, and it would cause me to limp in pain. The MRI showed three meniscal tears, one bucket handle tear, osteoarthritis, and bone on bone.

“After much research, and motivated to avoid surgery, I decided to try umbilical cord stem cell therapy. After 10 days, I had no pain and my knee wasn’t catching. After 30 days, all the swelling was gone. 90 days after treatment, I was back to playing tennis. The follow-up MRI showed that all three meniscal tears were gone. The bucket handle tear was 80% healed, and there was no sign of osteoarthritis or bone on bone. I was thrilled with the results and I was excited to think what this could mean for my patients.

“As an M.D., my goal is to get my patients better with few, if any, pharmaceuticals and with little to no surgery. Umbilical cord stem cells could go a long way in achieving this goal. Over the past three years, I have administered thousands of umbilical cord stem cell treatments, and I am constantly encouraged by the results.”
-Dr. John Young


Thursday, October 25, 2018
1 PM & 5 PM

355 W Rio Rd,
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Hosted by Virginia Integrative Practice in Charlottesville.