Ovarian Cancer

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and prognosis was not good. I had a 45% chance of living to 5 years. I did the necessary treatments but also used integrative medicine too. In doing the immunotherapy, my cancer was in remission after 18 months of treatment of combined chemo and integrative therapies. If you need help, contact Virginia Integrative Practice. (Christine)


I have psoriatic arthritis, an autoimmune disorder, that left me in debilitating pain with swelling of the knees. I could hardly walk on certain days of the month and often needed a cane. It was a cycle of 12 days where it peaked in the middle of the cycle on days 5-7. I had this pain for 20 years. I was given a series of immunotherapy and integrative IVs. The cycle disappeared. The pain disappeared. I have been pain-free for 5 years. Being I am pain-free, you can be pain-free too. Call Virginia Integrative Practice. I endorse them. (Michael)

Menopause and family history breast cancer

I could not sleep and instead sweat profusely. I was fatigued and it was affecting my professional job at the embassy. My mom died of breast cancer so I did not know what to do. I was told I was in menopause. Given my history, the doctor put me on an herbal protocol. They knew about genetic counseling and specifics on estrogen metabolism. I was tested to see how I processed estrogen and put on a treatment plan. My symptoms have resolved and I am alive again. I was impressed the doctors really knew their stuff where issues of breast cancer and menopause were addressed. I was better within weeks. I highly recommend Virginia Integrative Practice. I received safe and effective treatment. (Martina)


I had been disabled with Lyme for 10 years. It had gone to my brain. It affected my whole body. I had a rapid heart rate. I had to breathe with an oxygen tank. I had to get around with a walker. I had problems with memory. I tried many antibiotics and none worked. I tried oral nutrition supplements. They did not work. I heard about immunotherapy and decided to try it. I did not have any faith it would work as I thought I had tried everything. I did it because I was encouraged to and so went through the motions. To my surprise, after doing immunotherapy and integrative IVs, I started coming back to life. I remember one day I dropped something on the floor and I bent over to pick it up. I cried profusely because it would of been an ordeal. I would of had to use a chair to sit down and it was a struggle getting from the walker to the chair much less then picking something up. I stopped using the walker. In a month, I did not need the cane. I could walk again. All my symptoms subsided. I am alive again and so grateful. (Kathy O)


I had a reaction from a detoxifying program I was on. I ingested a product and got a full blown rash on my face known as eczema. My face was swollen and I had intense itching and burning sensations. I went to see two doctors. They could not help. I knew of a provider at Virginia Integrative Practice. I asked for help. I was given one IV and it resolved by 70% where the burning and itching subsided. I got another treatment and the eczema resolved. I heard from other happy patients and why I went. I recommend Virginia Integrative Practice.


I suffered from very bad migraines. I was in so much pain I could not function when I had them. I tried Integrative Medicine. I was put on hormone therapy and I had just one session of craniosacral therapy. My migraines were gone. I highly recommend.

Lupus, Vaccine

I was in the military. I was to be stationed in the Persian Gulf after serving several years. The military wanted to give me a series of vaccines. I was reluctant as I reported my mother having Lupus. I was told this was an order. After taking the first vaccine, I was shivering with fever and night sweats. I reported and military insisted I complete the series. I did two more rounds and could not get out of bed. I was disabled and received a medical discharge. I still could not function. I was fatigued. I felt like I had an infection. I had ringing in my ears and was dizzy. I had headaches. I had stabbing pains throughout my body, especially in my joints and chest. I got rashes when exposed to the sun. I had to use a walker to get around. When tests were run on me, I was diagnosed with Lupus. I did not have this before vaccines. I heard about Integrative Medicine and decided to try it. Oral supplements were not enough, but when I started the integrative IVs, I started recovering. After 6 months many of the symptoms subsided and I switched from a walker to a cane. After a year, I did not need the cane and most of my symptoms resolved. I had a life again. I could work full time plus start back to college.
(Steve F)


I am a busy professional. I was fatigued. I started having hot flashes and night sweats at night and did not sleep well. My memory got foggy. I needed to be sharp for my job. I could not put in the 14 hour days needed. I found out I was in menopause. I wanted to do bio-identical hormone therapy. I am on it now and I feel great. My energy and memory are intact. I go into a deep sleep at night. I have sent friends to Virginia Integrative Practice and all of us have gotten well.

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