What is Mistletoe Therapy?

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Mistletoe therapy has been used in Europe for years as an ever-growing alternative or complementary treatment option for cancer.

What is mistletoe therapy?

Though it has yet to obtain FDA approval in the states, the use of mistletoe extract for cancer therapies has been approved to around 50 medical practitioners and is the subject of several clinical trials, such as one at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Mistletoe therapy is a hot topic today when it comes to discussing cancer, integrated medicine, and treatment options for your or your loved one. 

From understanding what exactly mistletoe therapy is, how it works, and its potential benefits in treating cancer patients, learn more in this guide to mistletoe therapy from Virginia Integrative Practice.

Chapter 1:

Real Talk: Mistletoe Therapy & Cancer

Chapter 2:

Mistletoe Therapy and the Johns Hopkins Trials

Chapter 3:

Mistletoe Therapy for Breast Cancer

Chapter 4:

Mistletoe Cancer Therapy: What You Need to Know

Chapter 5:

Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer Testimonials

Chapter 6:

Mistletoe Therapy Cost 2018

Chapter 1

Real Talk: Mistletoe Therapy & Cancer

Mistletoe therapy is a legitimate alternative treatment to cancer, strange as it may seem.

But how does it work? What kind of mistletoe is used? (Hint: it has nothing to do with Christmas). Does it cure cancer?

This is not some far-fetched form of natural medicine. At Virginia Integrative Practice, we use mistletoe therapy to treat cancer patients and work to kill cancer cells and to improve the quality of life for those experience side effects from other cancer treatments.

Learn more about mistletoe therapy and cancer, what it really is, how it’s administered, and how it works as an alternative treatment method.

Chapter 2

Mistletoe Therapy and the Johns Hopkins Trials

Since early 2016, the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center has been running trials on mistletoe therapy as an alternative treatment to cancer.

Though mistletoe therapy is not widely accepted and practiced in the United States, the current Johns Hopkins is one of few clinical trails occurring outside of Europe, where mistletoe therapy is sometimes used as a complementary treatment (along with traditional methods like chemotherapy).

Learn more about what exactly the Johns Hopkins Trials regarding mistletoe therapy is, its goals in working with alternative cancer treatments, and other information surrounding this high-profile clinical trial.

Chapter 3

Mistletoe Therapy for Breast Cancer

Interest in mistletoe therapy for breast cancer has been growing in the past few years.

With the continued growth of using mistletoe extract as a complementary or alternate form of treatment for cancer patients in Europe, certain medical practitioners and clinical trials are working more for acceptance and FDA approval in the U.S.

Using mistletoe therapy to treat cancer symptoms and reduce side effects of traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radion (for example, it has been shown in some cases to boost the immune system or decrease nausea) worked for 2001 breast cancer patient Suzanne Sommers.

Learn more about Suzanne’s story and the uses of certain mistletoe extracts used in therapy treatments for breast cancer.

Chapter 4

Mistletoe Cancer Therapy: What You Need to Know

Understanding what mistletoe therapy is and what it aims to do is more relevant now than ever when it comes to discussing alternate cancer treatment options.

As a hot-button issue in the world of integrated medicine and cancer treatments, mistletoe cancer therapy is a complex subject still be studied and developed today in the medical world.

From the different types of mistletoe extract that can be used to the effectiveness and safety of different treatment methods, we’ve got what you need to know about mistletoe cancer therapy.

Chapter 5

Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer Testimonials

Mistletoe Therapy is not just a guessing game of clinical trials and medical research.

Starting with successes and its increased use as a treatment option in Europe, advocates for mistletoe therapy for cancer has been growing in the U.S., and not without good reason.

Read these compelling mistletoe therapy for cancer testimonials of several cancer survivors, including Believe Big founder, Ivelisse Page, to see first-hand the real-time effectiveness of using mistletoe therapy as an alternative treatment for cancer.

Chapter 6

Mistletoe Therapy Cost 2018

Maybe mistletoe therapy seems like a great idea for you, but it isn’t yet FDA approved and therefore not covered by your insurance.

Not to worry. Luckily the average cost for mistletoe therapy in 2018 is relatively affordable compared to other standard medical procedures.

In contrast with chemotherapy and high-tech cancer treatment methods, mistletoe therapy costs are only a fraction of the expenses of these other methods.

Click to read more about how mistletoe therapy is used to treat cancer and the mistletoe therapy cost in 2018 at Virginia Integrative Practice.