Men's Health, BHRT

Do you suffer with low testosterone & libido, erectile dysfunction, compromising prostate and urinary challenges, and debilitating fatigue?

VIP DOCTORS can assess Men’s Health and Performance with comprehensive diagnostic testing. After getting a baseline of male health status, VIP doctors can optimize men’s health potential with integrative therapies that can correct and optimize hormone status.

VIP DOCTORS can follow your Prostate health providing prevention and treatment thereby mitigating the risk of a future troublesome diagnosis.


Do you suffer from Male Hormonal Imbalance with:

Reduced Sex Desire & Low Libido
Erectile Dysfunction: Problems Getting & Maintaining
an Erection and Male Performance
Weight Gain

Reduced Muscle Mass, Muscle Loss
Hair Loss
Fatigue, Lack of Energy
Insomnia, Sleep Disorders
Urinary or Prostate Issues
Anxiety, Depression or Mood Swings

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